RAW – to victory and iron will of Pat Judy M

Musing on the road yesterday – how to overcome challenges and things sent to try us.

Finally settled on two motivators – Eileen toast in 1995, in Dublin, the night before All-Ireland. It was a simple “To Victory” and Ger Loughnanes boys oblidged.

However there was another ingredient – strong will and refusal to be beaten. My good friend Pat Judy M is in my top 3 friends on that score. Our friendship probably started on the football pitch as we kicked lumps out of each other – hard yet fair, we continued on the handball court, we dranks pints together, we ocassionally came to blows – soon forgotton with sheepish apologies, and we turned pedals together in Galway – necessity not leisure. Anyway, on the road to Skib, dauld high nellie was willing but resisting speed and hills like a stubborn mule. There was only one thing for – get thick it – and refuse to give in. Kudos Pat, you helped me out and inspired me to stay going to the final whistle.

It was worth perservering to reach Skib around 730pm. A warm welcome from Marguerita’s, hot shower and top food at the Church restaurant.

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