RAW – start tmro… Kinsale …

Its been a roller-coaster ride to the start in Kinsale tomorrow.
The last few weeks have been full-on. Getting to grips with starting up the ride and associated communications, building a website, the whole new experience of facebook, fitness training, logistics, engaging with the two charities and volunteers.
Last night, stopped at services north of Bermingham en-route to the ferry, and spent time catching up on calls & emails. Immediately after resuming i hit the roadworks – literaly 1/2 a mile past the exit. An anxious couple of hours followed and just made the boat departure time – phew! It chucked down rain all afternoon – a soft day – however forecast for tmro and next week is good – a positively balmy 12c – yooohhoooo.
Mood improved dramatically after chat with Peter Ryan, a young man with an inspirational story. Peter is a para-olympian cyclist who competed at Rio and is training for Toyko olympics. He agreed to waive the fees that support his training program and allow me share his story which i will begin over the next few days.

In Kinsale, Angela, a lovely lady in the tourist office, helped complete the final logistics – accom for the next 5 nights. One of the admin chores i repeatedly failed to get to over the past two weeks.
Spotted Auntie Nellies sweet shop – and couldnt resist it – especially as the banner declared “Leave your worries at the door”. A fantastic place, proper old-style sweet shop, every kids dream world and great liquerice.
The first stage starts tomorrow morning at 9:30am from outside the Blue Haven hotel. Just reviewing the route – 113km, with bumpy bits that total 1209m. It looks flat enough – especially after I adjust the zoom setting!!
For all you MAMILS … will try share the route, hope this works …   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17974418
Will be posting pics from the road – come back for an update tomorrow.

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