RAW – to victory and iron will of Pat Judy M

Musing on the road yesterday – how to overcome challenges and things sent to try us.

Finally settled on two motivators – Eileen toast in 1995, in Dublin, the night before All-Ireland. It was a simple “To Victory” and Ger Loughnanes boys oblidged.

However there was another ingredient – strong will and refusal to be beaten. My good friend Pat Judy M is in my top 3 friends on that score. Continue reading “RAW – to victory and iron will of Pat Judy M”

RAW – start tmro… Kinsale …

Its been a roller-coaster ride to the start in Kinsale tomorrow.
The last few weeks have been full-on. Getting to grips with starting up the ride and associated communications, building a website, the whole new experience of facebook, fitness training, logistics, engaging with the two charities and volunteers.
Last night, stopped at services north of Bermingham en-route to the ferry, and spent time catching up on calls & emails. Immediately after resuming i hit the roadworks – literaly 1/2 a mile past the exit. An anxious couple of hours followed and just made the boat departure time – phew! It chucked down rain all afternoon – a soft day – however forecast for tmro and next week is good – a positively balmy 12c – yooohhoooo. Continue reading “RAW – start tmro… Kinsale …”

RAW – 2 Days to go … Kinsale …

2 Days to go … start in Kinsale on Sat 18th.

Almost packed. Bike & kit plus spares are the priority everything else will work itself out. West Clare CC jersey arrived – thanks Paul E.

Last few days have been re-engaging with many friends – old and new. Some re-engage for old times’ sake, some are just plain good people however it is touching how many have a personal affinity with the cause. They have firsthand experience of the tragedy that is suicide – brother, sister, cousin, parent, child. I suspect there are very few families unaffected. And that doesn’t take into account those meeting the daily challenges posed by mental health issues. Continue reading “RAW – 2 Days to go … Kinsale …”

RAW – 3 Days to go … Kinsale …

3 Days to go … start in Kinsale on Sat 18th.  Getting ready to pack tonight and prep for drive/ferry to Kinsale overnight on Thur.

Been too busy with last minute arrangements to even think about the cycle. Most of the questions I’m being asked are to do with the weather and distance – neither of which bothers me, it will be a relief to get started.

Spent last night & this morning writing a press release – not easy for a first time. Would prefer to take on a big hill any day! Continue reading “RAW – 3 Days to go … Kinsale …”

RAW – 4 Days to go … Kinsale …

4 Days to go … start in Kinsale on Sat 18th.  No major change in weather forecast. Had final spin on bike today – to Esher with Eileen – yeah  – the height of romance for a cyclist!

Eileen is training to join some stages and doing really well. Last minute fixes to bike – gear-change, picked up spares – tubes, energy gels, brake pads. Much head scratching to write first press release. That good, pre-game nervous tension starting to build. Continue reading “RAW – 4 Days to go … Kinsale …”

What is RAW ?

RAW is a cycle Ride along the the wild Atlantic Way to raise 30,000 euro in support prevention of suicide.

WHY ? – The ride will support very good work of two charities – Pieta House and Mind (a leading UK charity ) and raise 30,000 euro to support prevention of suicide.  My younger brother Eoin took his own life 32 years ago, an option many others have also chosen.

WHEN: ?  Cycle in three phases – Feb, April & Jul/Aug Continue reading “What is RAW ?”

Why … oh why Ride the Atlantic Way?

Walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain is on my bucket list.

Despite my love of hiking I realised in 2016 that there was more to the Camino than hiking. Disillusion with a work life servicing blue-chip clients prompted a career break, time for reflection and the opportunity to walk the Camino. As I began to research the walk the spiritual aspect gradually registered with me as did the opportunity to recall the tragic suicide of my younger brother Eoin in 1985. Continue reading “Why … oh why Ride the Atlantic Way?”